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Kodiak Starr

Kodiak was raised off the grid without electricity or running water in Solon, Maine. He has since joined the grid and become a strategic, multidisciplinary designer, and creative leader. 

From 2010 to 2014, Kodiak had the extreme privilege of serving as a Presidential Appointee as Creative Director of Digital Strategy at the White House. Over his 10+ years of experience, he has developed a deep knowledge of the interactive space, online consumer behavior and an ability to balance both with strong creative ideas. His work is influenced by his analog roots, a love for great typography, and empathy for the user. 


He has a proven history of managing teams and inspiring those around him to perform at their best. He has found the best way to motivate is by doing, so Kodiak is a hands-on designer able to execute on projects from start to finish.

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More than you probably wanted to know

Born Kodiak Hougen Starr
Worked at The White House in Washington DC
Grew up off the grid, an outhouse, no electricity or running water until he was 15
He once gave President Obama and VP Biden direction on how to run down the White House Colonnade
Has a gag reaction to raw tomatoes
Is the father of a baby girl named Acadia
Was a member of the .gov Digital Government Task Force
Father was a mental health worker and
retired Hip Hop DJ
Ran a half marathon around Angkor Wat
Mother witnessed the Kent State Shootings
Two badass sisters, Kivalena and Kayla
I have an addiction to collecting squished pennies
Does not care about design awards
Most people know him as Kody
Usually starts his work day with some Jay Z or Lil Wayne
Used to wear a full suit with a half windsor 5 days a week
Is married to beautiful Gabrielle Lamourelle
Once stalked a pack of hyenas with a man carrying an AK47
Admires The Rural Studio
While in Uganda, thought he had been poisoned by someone and ran away without his shoes and then tried make himself puke in a stranger's bathroom. False alarm.
In 2008 worked for four months in Kampala Uganda for Ogilvy Moringa
Watched his mom give birth to his little sister at home
Prefers an outhouse
Thinks gnorW
Had a reoccurring dream about remote-controlled airplanes
Is slowly going bald
Drove an ambulance to New Orleans full of supplies for displaced designers
Had a radio show at Colby College - DJ Starrchild
Drove in five demolition derbies
Work desk used to overlook the West Wing, now a trash bin
Questions the design community a lot
Likes Miley Cyrus
Had to get rid of his jeep to buy a CRV
Thinks of himself as a urban woodsman
Spent time traveling around East Africa
Lost his mentor, Mach Arom
Graduated 11th in his high school class
At age 17, his hair turned curly
Doesn't complain about hipsters
Favorite deodorant is Toms of Maine Honey Suckle Rose
His favorite pants are Levis 514 straight leg
In Oct of 2002, moved to NYC with no job and $2000
Spent 24 hours awake in Atlantic City for a Weird Al concert
Given two pieces of advice by his first Creative Director;
1: marry rich 2: never trust anyone in advertising
High School all-state soccer player
Participated in Project M with John Bielenberg
Spent a week traveling around Europe, 5 countries in 8 days
Loaned his parents $5000
Likes to paint with watercolor
Had braces
Some say his feet smell like Cheetos 
Impulse shops
Rolled his Dodge van
Has traveled in Europe, East Africa, India and SE Asia
Met Chuck D, Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and Queen Latifa
Worked at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
First words, "no home"
Was given a black eye by a Polish soccer player
Landed his first job at Foote Cone & Belding as an Art Director
Is not excited by Star Wars or the Muppets
Favorite colors are fluorescents
Attended an AIGA Design Gala, because Sagmeister could not go
First kiss was Jenny Sackett
Participated in the Fresh Air Fund
Got his truck stuck in the mud more than times than he can count
Drank half a fifth of tequila in an hour and thought he was going to die
Joined the AIGA National Disaster Relief Task-force
Once mounted a car upside down on another
Owned a 1993 4X4 Toyota pickup (bad ass)
Has an interest in modular housing
Spent a whole summer fishing and never caught one fish
Prefers dogs over cats
Loves lists
Loves road biking, but not the spandex
Was addicted to Facebook
Loves camping
Is a bad speller but not bad at Scrabble
Loves Walmart
Favorite lunch is a bahn mi sandwich and iced coffee
Was once the subject on a blog of people who deserve to get punched in the face