Enhanced Live State of the Union

Creative Direction
Lead Designer

Additional Design:
Ashleigh Axios
Mike Aleo

Adam Garber
Thomas Kelley

The Thinking

For each of the President's State of the Union Addresses, I led a team that created an enhanced layer of data and policy graphics that were added live to the speech and streamed over the web. The graphics were developed in tandem with the speech writing over a five day period.

We built an effective content hub, designed a complete digital experience, used syndication to extend the reach of our content and enhanced engagement with visualization.

In 2014, our enhanced stream had 1.3 million live views.

During the speeches, I sat in Master Control following the live speech on paper, video and audio, adding each graphic at the appropriate second.

The process for launching each graphic:
Me: "Load 302" ( each of the 100+ slides were numbered)
Video technical: Presses 3 buttons in the Kyron machine to load the slide
Me: "Go 302 ... Load 303"
Video technical: Launches slide 302 and then loads slide 303.
Slide 302 is merged to the live feed and then pushed out across the web.

And so on. And so on.


Dub step explainer of the enhaced SOTU

(yes the first time the WH used dub step)

2014 Enhanced State of the Union


Personal Data Visualization Created for POTUS

While writting his 2013 State of the Union, President Obama wanted to better undertsand the issues he had discussed in his past Addresses and how long he had talked about each. Rather than giving the President an excel sheet I developed with graphic with research help from his speech writers.  The final graphic was printed and delivered to POTUS with the current draft of the speech and help inform the content and structure of the final speech. 

2013 Enhanced State of the Union