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People consume information on the web differently than traditional media. In an era of information overload we’ve become “grazers” of content, skimming digital channels for nuggets of information. More than ever, it’s important for the government and organizations to present ideas in a manner that can be quickly consumed, understood and remembered.

Buffett Rule Calculator 
340,000+ users calculated their Buffett number.

Taxpayer Receipt 
With just a few pieces of tax information, the taxpayer receipt gives a breakdown of how a users tax dollars are spent.

Below: Personal Data Visualization Created for POTUS

While writing his 2013 State of the Union, President Obama wanted to better understand the issues he had discussed in his past Addresses and how long he had talked about each. Rather than giving the President an excel sheet, I developed this graphic with research help from his speech writers. The final graphic was printed and delivered to POTUS with the current draft of the speech and helped inform the content and structure of the final speech.